What is Modern Design?

February 13, 2017


Modernism sprang from the early 20th century. This style aims to innovate designs from the previous design eras (especially on furniture designs), broaden originality and apply simplicity in designing. Modern design has eliminated ornamentations on Victorian furnitures.

Modern design incorporates with new construction technology and materials which is rarely found from the designs of the furnitures of the previous design eras. This design originated from the Western countries where the Bauhaus movement started. Now,it can be seen throughout the world particularly in Germany, France, Denmark, and Italy. These countries obviously have the largest modern and contemporary furniture manufacturers and suppliers. Each country is also popular for the kind of material they use for modern furnitures (e.g. Germany and France focused on STEEL and Denmark focused on WOOD).


Modernism had become a recognized and well-accepted design style. Because they were based on industrial production techniques, modern materials (e.g., chrome, steel and glass)and rectilinear geometry, manufacturers producing these simple and practical forms achieved better economies and efficiency in production and materials.


Things to look for in Modern Interior Design:

  • Geometric-patterned or plain area rugs provide accent colors and accentuate the bold look of modern interiors.
  • The driving design concept is honesty: keeping structure and building material in plain view.
  • modern designers embraced pure color — black, white, and neutrals with vibrant primary colors.
  • color schemes still use white and neutrals, with colorful accents.
  • Sleek, spacious, simple and focuses on function and organization
  • Modern design uses basic geometry (Simple edges, curves and angles)
  • Art, rather than accessories, has a firm place in modern interiors.
  • Streamlined with polished, smooth, and sleek surfaces
  • Furnitures pieces are kept to a bare minimum

Here are a few Modern design interior ideas to check out!


This geometric wallpaper design is a match made in heaven with Scandinavian interiors and looks fantastic in living room spaces. 

Decor worth living with, Gray sofa, great details

Combining clean lines, sleek furnishings and neutral colour, modern minimalism is the epitome of contemporary style.

Shop The Look:

  1. Eames Eiffel Dining Chair PC-073 (White)
  2. Eames Eiffel Dining Chair PC-083 (Black)
  3. Home Central CT022 Accent Chair (Brown)
  4. Home Central Sofa Bed MLM418213 (Gray)
  5. Edelweiss Rectangle Table with Beech Wood Legs B-07 (White)

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